How Does It Work?

Volunteers pack the food bags weekly for each school.  The food bags are delivered to school by Friday morning. Social workers and/or teachers at each school put the bags into the child’s backpack before weekend dismissal. The entire process is confidential and only the school personnel know which students are receiving the bags.

How Are the Children Selected?

The guidance counselors at each participating school works with the school nurse and teacher(s) to identify the children. Typically these children are on the free breakfast and lunch programs at their schools.

What Is In The Food Bag?

The food bag intends to replace the breakfast and lunch the children receive Monday through Friday at school along with healthy snacks. Cape Kid Meals provides 2 breakfast, 2 lunch items, milk, juice, 6 healthy snacks and 1 piece of fresh fruit. All items are shelf-stable and easy to open and prepare regardless of the child’s living situation.

Current Districts/Schools Served

Barnstable School District
Barnstable Community Innovation School
Barnstable West Barnstable Elementary
Barnstable United Elementary
Centerville Elementary
Hyannis West Elementary


Bournedale Elementary
Peebles Elementary

Ezra Baker Innovation
Wixon Innovation
Marguerite Small Elementary
Station Avenue Elementary

East Falmouth Elementary
Mullen-Hall Elementary
North Falmouth Elementary
Teaticket Elementary

Kenneth C. Coombs Elementary
Quashnet Elementary

Harwich Elementary

Orleans Elementary
Eddy Elementary
Stony Brook Elementary

Provincetown School

Oak Ridge
Forestdale Elementary

Truro Central School