The following is a letter of children’s thoughts on the program.

Two weeks ago, I was invited by some of the second and third graders from one of the elementary schools we deliver food bags to, to be interviewed as part of a journalism lesson.  The class was asked to choose someone in town that they saw as a “world changer”.  The class voted to ask “the guy who delivers the backpack food every Friday morning”.  Since I am that guy, I was very pleased to spend a delightful hour being formally interviewed by some very inquisitive and insightful students.  Many of the students come from families who are new to the United States.   A few of the students in this group also receive some of the fifty food bags we provide for this school.  Questions like, “Why do you do this?” “How can you afford to do this every week?”, and “Where do you buy the food?” were just some of the questions they asked.   Several students asked two to three follow-up questions and it was a delightful dialogue that I hope will be repeated for years to come.

The one thought that I left them with, is one that I hope they take to heart for a lifetime.  When they asked why we do this, I said, “If you only remember one thing today, please remember that being selfish is boring.  Helping others is not only important, it is also a lot of fun!”  Their smiles told me they “got it”!

Pastor David A. Johnson
Grace Church of East Dennis