Ring Bros. Marketplace has pledged to provide 600 pieces of fresh fruit weekly to Cape Kid Meals this school year. Cape Kid Meals will include this fruit in the food bags they assemble for 300 food-insecure children in participating elementary schools across the Cape. These weekly food bags are given to children who would otherwise go hungry with little or no food on weekends during the school year.

“The people of Cape Cod have been very good to us. They’ve afforded us the opportunity to raise our families here while doing what we love.” says Rich Pimental, co-owner along with his son of Dark Horse Beef & Deli. “So, when we became aware of Cape Kids Meals and the work they do for local children, we knew we had to be a part of it.”

Each week the food bags are filled with a variety of non-perishable food items. From soup & oatmeal to applesauce, cereal bars, and juice boxes, the children receive a wide variety of food to eat over the two days that they’re not in school. Now included in these bags will be both an apple and orange from Ring Bros. Marketplace.

“Food insecurity is a real and growing issue for many children on Cape Cod, and increased awareness of this fact will lead to increased involvement.  Ring Bros. has chosen that kind of involvement. By Ring Bros. Marketplace providing this for the entire program it enables us to use funds otherwise spent on fruit, to feed even more children.” says Tammy Leone, Cape Kid Meals’ director.